About Online Udyojak

Sarvesh Chodankar is the founder and creator of Online Udyojak, which is India’s 1st Online Ecommerce Training Institute. He is an expert in ecommerce and has created a systematic step-by-step learning program for anyone who wants to start their ecommerce journey. Sarvesh started his online journey by referring to YouTube videos to start his ecommerce business, but he soon became confused about the right path to take. This led him to create a guided learning program that can help anyone start their ecommerce journey in a proper and systematic way.

Sarvesh has personally trained over 4000 students in-class post Covid and has helped thousands more through his videos. His vision is to educate as many people as possible about starting their own online or offline business by using the power of the internet to grow and scale their business to the next level. He is on a mission to help more than 10000 local businesses, students, and working professionals who want to have a parallel income source from their own business. With his knowledge and expertise, Sarvesh is making a significant contribution to the growth of ecommerce in India and helping people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

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